It’s Not a Goodbye, It’s a See You Soon: Farewell Post

I have learned wonderful things throughout this journey. My main goal throughout this blog was to educate the audience on the human side of sports. A lot of the time, people don’t understand how much athletes actually go through outside of the sport because the audience only sees the physical performances. I also wanted viewers to know that sports are a platform for change when it comes to diversity, inclusion and the mental health stigma. There is a lot to be discovered when it comes to those topics and I tried to cover as much as I could during the past four months. Now, the semester is coming to an end and this blog did start out as assignments for class, but I do wish to continue covering this topic. This topic is something I am so passionate about and there is still so much to be educated on when it comes to diversity, inclusion and mental health. 

In the near future, I want to interview different athletes and get their opinions on how mental health or diversity and inclusion has affected them. I would like to go to conferences and get video and audio footage of just how inspirational inclusion, diversity and mental health conferences can be. I want to do a day in the life of a student athlete to show the audience the more personal side of an athlete. I want to do a We Are One Team round table to let the audience understand the campus initiative that Rowan wants to launch. Overall, I want this blog to be an outlet where people can be more than just an athlete and show the human side of themselves. 

Throughout this experience, I did not just learn about diversity, inclusion and mental health in sports, I also learned how to be a creative digital journalist and how to use technology to reach out to an audience through a blog. The Q and A with Dr. Cristina Fink allowed me to understand just how powerful a voice can be to tell a story. The audio allows the audience to hear the emotion in her voice and it allows the piece to be more conversational with also being informative at the same time. The thinglink project was one of my favorite posts because I was really able to have fun with it. I was able to have pictures, videos, audio and writing all in one post. I felt the visuals gave more of a story behind the words and allowed the viewers to have an exact picture of what they were reading.

In my opinion, my five best posts that I have written are Sports For Change: Final Project with Diversity an Inclusion Advocate, Dr. Yannick Kluch, The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Women of Color in Sports: Audio Profile with Renee Washington, There’s no place like home! Esby Gymnasium, home of the Rowan University Profs feels like a home to these student athletes, Q&A with a highly experienced Sports Psychologist: Dr. Cristina Fink, and the Mental Health Stigma in Sports. I have have been super tedious with each post but these ones stuck out to me because the topics were extremely specific and I felt I received and gave the best information from each interview and online source.

I want to thank my audience for being apart of this journey and all of the interviewees that participated as a guest in my blog. The time is now to strive for change with diversity, inclusion and mental health in sports. I am excited to continue this blog and I hope you all are looking forward for what’s to come. This might be a farewell to Digital Journalism 1 and I am grateful for all I have learned in this class, but my blog will remain and continue to educate people about the human side of sports. Athletes are human too!

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