There’s no place like home! Esby Gymnasium, home of the Rowan University Profs feels like a home to these student athletes.

On Wednesday, March 11, I went to Esby Gymnasium at Rowan University. Esby short for Esbjornson is the home of the women and men’s basketball team. Although both teams are in the off season, the women’s basketball team is coming off a remarkable year. Demetrius Poles first year head coach, a team with no seniors became NJAC Champions for the first time in twenty years. This team also went to the second round of the NCAA Championship Tournament.

On March 11, there wasn’t any practices going on, but Esby Gymnasium is the home of the Profs and where Rowan won the NJAC Championship. I thought it would be interesting to capture where this team had a remarkable season and some athletes that were in the gym that evening. Ayanna Johnson and Jazlyn Duverglas, sophomores on the team give an insight on why Esby feels like home and why sports bring people together. Down below you can explore Esby Gymnasium and some of the athletes that practice and play on this court.

I hope my photos, videos and interviews gave you a sense on how Esby feels like home for these athletes and how much work they put into the game. There’s nothing like playing at home in front of Rowan faithful and practicing in Esby every day.

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